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Presidential Assasinations: You May be Next!!!

In my political trolling, I came across this commendable example of journalism in its truest form. A reporter in Cincinnati named Ben Swawn of WXIX radio in a interview with President Obama asked some pertinent questions about the so-called”Presidential Kill List”. Now  for the sake of clarification, I should point out that the President Kill List is a leaked story that has yet to be confirmed or denied by the Obama administration. Apparently it is a list of people that the President can ordered killed for the sake of US security with any form of authorization from Congress, the judiciary, or We The People. Now this has involved both enemy combatants for foreign and US origin. I would also point out that this flies in the face or America’s kill pillars of justice as outlined in the Constitution. But I digress, back to the point of this post.

I have linked the actual interview below, but to give you a quick run-through of the interview. In short the interviewer asked the President about the Kill List and outlines his concern that any President, “regardless of party”, having such judge-and-jury powers. A legitimate question and one that very few reporters today would even dare to ask and with that he get my first tier of commendations for asking a poignant question. The President replies with a elongated answer that points out that He or his administration has not confirmed the existence of such a list and that he does not talk about US security to reporters. He then asks President Obama a follow-up question. Can you believe it a reporter asks a follow up question and does so in a professional and in a way that conveyed a level of neutrality; in my estimation. I must admit that I am unaware of whether or not this reporter is a right or left leaning reporter, but I really don’t give a damn in this case. He is asking the question in the fashion I would expect any REAL REPORTER to ask. Read more…

“More Mitt” — A Bad Lip Reading Soundbite – YouTube

The beauty of Bad Lip Reading’s audio dubs are definitely worth hearing. This one on Willard Mitt Romney is extremely good and I challenge you to delineate from what Mitt would say versus what BLR dubbed over him. I question sometimes that he did not say this stuff and i love the voice they chose!

Mitt starts with So many people are rubbing on their messy parts. it’s awful awkward and germy. C’mon people I mean I know it feels good, but we are embarrassed!” and ends with “That girls a bitch!“, that says it all. 

Military Spending Much?!?

Look at the peaks; the first peak is the Korean War, the second one is the Vietnam War, the third one demostrates the peak of the Cold War (forgive the Wikipedia link) and the final blue peak is the result of our collective national fear after 9/11.

The Iraq and Afghanistan wars are the red peak, now this is not on top of the other military spending; it stands on its own. I would also point out that military spending never goes down despite the state of war our nation is in. Peace or war, it does not matter; war spending goes up. I have taken into consideration the advancements in war technology and even with that consideration; we spend more on legalized death machines and war-like interactions (I refrain from calling them wars seeing that we have not officially declared war since WWII, but that is a topic for another blog) than any other nation. Read more…

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