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Presidential Assasinations: You May be Next!!!

In my political trolling, I came across this commendable example of journalism in its truest form. A reporter in Cincinnati named Ben Swawn of WXIX radio in a interview with President Obama asked some pertinent questions about the so-called”Presidential Kill List”. Now  for the sake of clarification, I should point out that the President Kill List is a leaked story that has yet to be confirmed or denied by the Obama administration. Apparently it is a list of people that the President can ordered killed for the sake of US security with any form of authorization from Congress, the judiciary, or We The People. Now this has involved both enemy combatants for foreign and US origin. I would also point out that this flies in the face or America’s kill pillars of justice as outlined in the Constitution. But I digress, back to the point of this post.

I have linked the actual interview below, but to give you a quick run-through of the interview. In short the interviewer asked the President about the Kill List and outlines his concern that any President, “regardless of party”, having such judge-and-jury powers. A legitimate question and one that very few reporters today would even dare to ask and with that he get my first tier of commendations for asking a poignant question. The President replies with a elongated answer that points out that He or his administration has not confirmed the existence of such a list and that he does not talk about US security to reporters. He then asks President Obama a follow-up question. Can you believe it a reporter asks a follow up question and does so in a professional and in a way that conveyed a level of neutrality; in my estimation. I must admit that I am unaware of whether or not this reporter is a right or left leaning reporter, but I really don’t give a damn in this case. He is asking the question in the fashion I would expect any REAL REPORTER to ask.

Remember this scary fact, the President is asserting the right to unilaterally order the assassination of persons (of foreign and domestic origin) without trial or judicial authority (as if they can give that right). The President (who I totally support) tries to connect the murder of An war Alaki, born in America in Yemen with the ability to end the Afghanistan war (which we never declared war on and yet we are in war-like conflicts with). I think that we can agree that this is a stretch of logic and relationship. I am not a hard-line supporter of any person or party. I like to pat the President on the back when they are right, but I will also give him his due critiquing when he is on the wrong side of history or the facts and in this case the President is wrong. We are a country of laws and these are the foundational underpinnings of our governmental,moral, and Constitutional superiority in the world. To lose this would be to lose the very thing that makes our judicial system great and keeps the eyes of the world in awe at the stature that is America!

I would point out, this is not the end of this kind of power. One must remember that next president will inherit this “Above the Law” power and he or she may not weld it on those we declare to be working with Al Qaeda. It is not a reach to see this kind of power being used on drug dealers or those  suspected of sabotage. Murder of United States citizens without trial and jury is just that MURDER! This is not matter of Left or Right; it is a matter of principle and staying consistent in terms of following or Constitution. I do not see this as much different than the ordering of torture by the Bush (I have to wash my mouth out whenever I utter that name) both are against the principles of the Constitution and the moral high ground of American judicial system. Americans; stay vigilant of all over-reaches of presidential and judicial powers of every politician, President, and person even those in your party or that you completely support. That’s right me; I’m talking about me!

Presidential Kill List interview

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