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Reply to Conservative on Unions, WHAT? Part 1

No Unions, REALLY?!?

No Unions, REALLY?!?

The initial question posted by Gregory


Question for conservatives:  Why don’t you support worker unions?

A worker union is a free association of individuals with the purpose of increasing their bargaining power against that of their employer.  In capitalism, the owner of a good is free to decide how much to price their own goods.  I am the owner of my labor and therefore I am free to decide how much my labor is worth.  As an American, I have the right to free association.  It is therefore within my rights to meet with fellow employees and decide together how much we should “charge” for our labor.If it is acceptable for industry to join together in order to lobby congress to pass laws that favor them over their employees, then why is it not acceptable for employees to fight back by forming collectives of their own?The point for conservatives is to maximize freedom, is it not?  Isn’t the ability to unionize a type of freedom?You can respond however you want, of course, but using specific instances of a pathological union to make your case is going to be rather unconvincing.   Also, simply applying a label to unionism like “Socialism” is also not going to make your point to anyone except those who already think as you do.I’m looking for a general response as to why unionism is harmful to society.  More specifically, why it would result in more harm to society than if unions were banned.

My reply to Gregory Geller

I commend your post. It was eloquent, concise, and accurate. I assert that conservatives (loosely used term) have been convinced that the interests of the company should be their interests and nothing can be further from the truth. Unions are the only form of democracy in the workplace in almost every instance. The reference to GREED when talking about unions is a ridiculously misplaced descriptor, but one that I will not make the point of this post.

I am not in a union, but unions are the reason that we have the minimum working standards that we have today. Unions are, situationally, the board of directors for the workers; companies have a board that makes decisions as to pay, compensation, and incentives for workers and they do this collectively. In fact most major companies have members of their board that share boards with other companies. Companies often colluded in order to maintain a cohesive approach to worker pay and compensation suppression for a given industry. Why do you suppose you will not find much variance in what each company pays for a given industry (and please don’t mention the free market seeing that there is not such thing)?

Unions are established by the workers. Leaders of the union are voted on by the workers. Work standards are set by the workers and the union merely gives strength to those workers concerns in the way of unity. If a union leader fails at their job the workers can and have voted them out unlike the owner or boss. If you don’t like how you are being treated by an employer, and you don’t have a union, then you have to either grin and bear with it, look for another job (good luck with that given the result of the Second Great Republican Depression), or prepare to be fired for voicing your concerns.

Collective bargaining and unions are a mirror of democracy and competitive market principles. Without unions America employees would be without doubt paupers at the lowest level; you need look no further than China working standards and all of the other countries that have not had unions to establish fair wages and working standards.

Here is a short list of what worker rights the unions helped establish in sync with employee concerns through time (Which of these do you conservatives think should not have happened?):

Unions established the eight-hour work day, and the forty-hour work week, weekends, sick days, vacation days, paid leave, maternity leave, workplace safety regulations and health standards, social security, the minimum wage, pensions, worker insurance plans and benefits, child labor laws, the retirement age, unemployment insurance, disability pay, overtime pay, laws regarding discrimination and harassment in the workplace, downfall of the Polish Communist Part, and these are on the short list.

I look forward to and welcome your replies.

Reply to Conservative on Unions, WHAT? Part 2

Reply to Conservative on Unions, WHAT? Part 3

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  2. Susan
    December 15, 2012 at 6:39 pm

    The disconnect of working/middle class right wingers and unions is absolutely astonishing seeing that unions are typically democratic institutions. Union leaders are voted on, their agenda is driven by its members concerns, and the union can be voted out by its members.

    I recommend that those who see a problem with unions really should re-assess their priorities and overall interests. Unions are for the 95% of America.

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