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Reply to Conservative on Unions, WHAT? Part 2

No Unions, REALLY?!?

No Unions, REALLY?!?

Pradheep Shanker reply to my initial post, see HERE.

+Anthony Gaston I agree with the historical context.

Let me ask you…what major contribution have unions in America made in the past three decades?

As far as I can tell, they have largely become defenders of the status quo, in a era of tumult and change.  At a time when they should have been adapting to the changing world, they have largely held true the ideals of the 1950s and 1960s…and that has not served them well.

My reply

Unions have not helped to maintain working standards since their inception; they have attempted to prevent the out-shoring of American jobs, equal pay for women (Lilly Ledbetter act), anti-gay firings, and a myriad of other worker protections. One has to look at a couple of things that have vastly degraded the effectiveness of unions. You can look at our ridiculously unfair trade policies (unfair to America and favorable to other nations), the right-to-work-for-less legislation, the increasing power of corporations over our legislation, Corporate person-hood, not using the buy American provision, and a slew of other anti-worker initiatives that are killing the American workforce.

You may be conflating the lack of major contributions (whatever you are defining that as) with the vast array of improvements in work place safety, personal privacy (such as employers being able to use your Facebook, G+, or other personal communications) as a determiner of employment, and collective bargaining (which is one of the clearest forms of freedom, that I have seen suppressed, in years).

Defenders of the status quo is a great thing unless you think that American should follow China standards, or lack thereof? You referenced “adapting to the changing world”; what do you mean by that? Should Americans work for 2 dollars a day like China or Singapore?

You also stated that they “largely held true the ideals of the 1950s and 1960s…and that has not served them well.”. I would suggest that you look at the extremely prosperous period of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and part of the eighties. You will find that there are some constants that gave America the largest Middle class and greatest prosperity in its history. First, America had industry specific tariffs and import taxes which protected American jobs. Second we had a top marginal income tax rate of no lower than 50% and as high as 91%.

Third, America had in place or were establishing regulations on industry that promoted growth, employee rights, and the common social good. Fourth, We did not have the monolithic corporations that we have today like BP, Wal-Mart, Comcast, AT&T, and others.

You could go around the corner and buy from a locally owned company which invested in the local community, lived in the area, and was responsive to what that community concerns were; not today. I think that we need to use the Sherman Anti-Trust law to return competition to the market  If you look at any industry in any state in the Union you will find that 80% of any given market is controlled by 3 to 4 companies. What’s wrong with that picture? EVERYTTHING!

In conclusion, Unions are a key element to American worker safety, prosperity  empowerment, and rights; and in addition are good for the business’s products, worker satisfaction, longevity  standing in the community and helps to establish/maintain an acceptable worker standards. Unions have benefited the American worker tremendously and has been a source for good of workers and consumers in the United States, and around the world check the stats. Both the American and global economy would never have expanded without the contributions of  unions.

The contributions of unions have yet to met their pentacle. I see a future where they will continue to enhance compensation, anti-discrimination, living wages, health benefits, worker input on industry and standards, workplace safety, anti-discrimination, and endless other rights for the American worker and those abroad. I grow weary of the working class Americans that think that unions are a problem for industry and workers. This rationale is a partisan charade purported on the American workers by the Republicon Party; Republicons because they have been coning 90% of Americans for 30 years. Reform unions to a degree and let the American worker guide unions in the directions that is in the best interest of industry, workers and society as a whole. Unions are the lone bastion of democracy in the workplace.

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