Political Dinosaur (GOP)!

gop-dinosaur-smWhig Party 2013 is what comes to mind when reflecting on today’s Republicon party. The course of the Republicon party is clear! Their supporters are regressive! Their policies are void of democratic substance and are on the wrong side of progressive history, which has been a mainstay of America’s development since its inception. Their goose seems all but cooked as they continue to mire themselves into adopting policies that are anti-science, anti-freedom, anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-populist, anti-minority, and dare I say anti-American. The direction of the GOP is that of the Whigs or Political Dinosaurs!

The Whig Party of the early 1830s to the mid-1850s was the political party in opposition to the Democratic Party of the Jacksonian era. The reference to the current Republican party becoming the modern version of the Whigs has its merit in terms of a party leading itself out of political viability, but not in mutually reflective policies. The Whig party was, for its time, somewhat progressive in terms of economics and modernization; see HERE for a more detailed history of the Whigs. The Whig analogy is all about self destruction of a party which the Republicons have demonstrated a mastery at, as of late. The beautifully amazing divide between the Republicon party and the nation today is a political reality that the party itself refused to learn from or adapt to; as demonstrated in the 2012 elections.

A perfect example of the complete social blindness of the Republicon party is not only reflected in their members, but also in their party platform. The Republican National Committee published their 60 plus page platform named  “We Believe in America”  which is a great title but lacks the reflective policies of a 2012 America. In the 2012 platform, Republicons utilize the same coded policy verbiage that makes for great ear candy but the reality of what they represent are politically and socially ugly.

The party continues to feed their homophobic members in both policy and language. In their platform they oppose the use of  “social experimentation in the military” which is a sad-veiled reference to the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. No gays in the military is their stance. The use of “fixed value for the dollar” is the right-wing moronic idea that America should return to the gold standard; an idea that has also been adopted by the Libertarian party (you know Republicans  that want to smoke dope and get laid). America’s dynamic economy of today cannot be supported by a material that only has the value subscribed to it by the market. The gold standard is unrealistic in today’s economy, but still warrants lip service by the so-called Conservatives  The platform also romanticizes the policy of privatizing Social Security, but uses the phrase “control over their investments” as a way to disguise their true policy. The policies of the Republicon party uses words that sound good, but the actual result of the policies are detrimental to American and 95% of its citizenry.

The party has yet to look at America for what it is, diverse and working class, and subscribe to policies that mirror the direction of this nation. Their policies and leaders are the reason that the Republicon party is headed the way of the Whigs.

Fossil 2How long can a party exist in modern America when it continues to embrace anti-government (big gum-mint) extremism that romanticizes corporations and the rich while showing disdain for 95% of American? How long can a party exist in modern America when thinks that the opposition should be delegitimized in the most heinous manner? How long can a party exist in modern America when its answer to all economic circumstances is to de-regulate, de-unionize, and give corporate/high-end tax cuts? How long can a party exist in modern America when it denies science, alienates minorities, marginalizes women, supports restrictive voter suppression, and all out lie about the facts of legislation?

Will the GOP avoid its impending political extinction? Can the GOP be salvaged? Should it be salvaged? Will it ever return to the policies and national relevance of Eisenhower or even Reagan (the real Reagan, not the dreamed up on that the Right talk about today)? The answer will reveal itself in the fulfillment of  time and after a series of national electoral drubbings that will shake the chambers of the GOP. Only then will the Republicon party actually begin to restructure itself to match the progression nation, that is America. It may take several cycles of national loses (the Presidency and Senate) before this becomes an unavoidable electoral decision for the GOP. Political reality will have to deliver a political pimp slap to the face of this soon-to-be political dinosaur. Moderate Republicans come to life and reproduce in mass in order to reclaim your party from the right-wing crazies that appear to be in control today or be prepared to be the next Political Dinosaur.

Move over Whigs here comes today’s Republican party!

  1. March 23, 2014 at 1:47 pm

    Ԍreat article.

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