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Sara Palin: Political Genius?!?

Sarah Palin has officially earned the status and rank of “Political Genius!” from the perspective of the Right side of the political spectrum that is.  This is stated with a great level of reluctance and trepidation, but it is factual in the sense that she has performed a Houdini-like feat of political magic.

When you look at Palin’s lack of mental depth, her non-existence political knowledge, her misunderstanding of historical facts, her primitive social outlook, and her complete lack of common sense, you have to be amazed at what she has accomplished.

The fact that Palin has maintained a level of national relevancy from those on the political right should amaze America as a whole and begs one to wonder WHY?

Palin’s rise (of sorts) has to be examined in order to understand the truly herculean feat of political jujitsu that she has been able to perform on the American corporate media and the Republicon party is nothing short of DUMBFOUNDING.

Palin’s influx in the national political consciousness all started with her introduction to America by her nomination to be the Vice Presidential candidate for the Republicon Party (GOP) by then and current Senator John McCain. Palin was on a glorious political path that is until the moment that she opened her mouth in an unscripted interview with Katie Couric; it was downhill from there on and yet she has still has a political presence in American politics.

One can put Palin’s rise to fame (or infamy, if you are so inclined) in a simpler terms. As an old southern saying goes Palin is a “Post Turtle” when it comes to political notoriety and status. A great many of you non-southerners may need some clarity on what exactly is a post turtle? Well, it is exactly as the phrase implies; it is a turtle that is balanced on top of a post (upside-down).

When one see a turtle top of a post the first realization that comes to mind is that the turtle did not get there by itself; it doesn’t belong up there; and that it has no idea what to do while its up there, but it will most assuredly fall hard. Finally the most lasting question comes to mind, “What kind of dumb ass would put it up there in the first place?”

Answer: the politically ignorant John McCain!

Thanks for the satirical political ignoramus named Palin! She is the gift that keeps on giving to the political left and will forever be linked to Mr. McCain. She is the political anchor that hangs from the ass of McCain’s political body and although she is an anchor; they are desirous of her weighted baggage. Enjoy or not!

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