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Fascim American Style… The Redefine/Refocus!


This image has little to do with the blog; I just thought I would add it for the “Fascism” in the title! Thanks NY Nerd.

Ever since the election of Barak “Hussein” Obama (extra emphasis on Hussein), the Obama administration has been labeled all sorts of negative descriptors. The word of the that seems to be the prevailing part of the partisan lexicon  is “Fascism or Fascist”, but those words don’t really mean what they think it means.

The time has come to add clarity to the word, the definition, and it applicability to the current president/administration. The unfortunate reality is that there are so many negative words subscribed to his administration that it would be impractical to cover them all here. This blog will cover the one that is the most miss-used one to date “fascist” or “fascism”!

Fascism has been commonly misunderstood to mean that the government doesn’t own the means of production, but the government does control it. This definition only goes to show that someone did not do a very thorough search on the Google machine. National_Fascist_Party_logo

Meriam-Webster defines fascism as “a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression [via military means] of [political] opposition”. Fascism is completely foreign to the American governmental structure due to the very nature of it.

One must remember that we have a House of Representatives, a Senate, and a Supreme  Court which makes fascism in America impossible; RIGHT NOW. Fascism needs a dictatorial presence in order to be fulfilled and this is impossible in a democratic republic, such as America! Although it is true that fascist nations control the “means of production” many are oblivious to the fact that true fascism is accompanied with the utilization of military force, mobilization of the public, and political violence to those in opposition.

Fascism was invented and originated in Mussolini’s Italy. Mussolini defined it as the merger of state and corporate power. This is the government that libertarians/Republicons have been attempting to bring into existence for 30 plus years and yet they decry their disgust at the possibility that Obama could be using doing just that.

Fascism is the ultimate goal of the political Right. The political right would rather that practically all sectors of our economy be run by corporate raiders, minus military and defense in a small part. A Libertarian dream would be to have corporations be considered people [America is all but there], but with all of those exceptional bonus corporate powers! They would prefer that government get out-of-the-way of industry which would most certainly result in the oppression of We The People.

The ideology is to allow corporations to control the economy, control how and when they are regulated, control how much to pay workers, under what conditions workers should work in, and control their taxation policies. True fascism would return to the days of Mussolini where instead of elected officials running the House and the Senate we would have appointed corporate CEOs.

Actually, this is not that far removed from the deteriorated stated that our government is currently operating. The only real difference is that our representatives (loosely used) are the thin veneer between corporate interests and  representation. Make no mistake America there is an emerging bastions of fascism in America and it lives in Wall Street, the defense industry, our political system, lobbyists, corporate media and in both the right and left ends of our political spectrum [much more dominant in the Right].

There are traces of fascism everywhere, but it is not about the man “President Obama”; it is about the system. Our newspapers, media, and many other sources of information have been infected with the corporate cancer that greatly resemble fascism. The seeds have been sown and the fruit is looking to become ripe in the garden of government with the personalizing, empowering, and politicization of corporations.

The question is what will We The People do to reverse this sad course? The bigger question is; Have enough Americans been put too deep asleep by infotainment that they will not see the rise of fascism when it fully maturates?

Will the media and pundits continue to allow for the bastardization of  meaning of  fascism? Will America continue to reference fascism without pointing out the root of the word, the parts of our society that actually are living up to this term [Supreme Court and Wall Street], and the means and ways to reverse this course? Let’s hope not!

End with this, Corporations and their minion (all of the Republicon party and half of the Democratic party) are in an orchestrated political dance. They scream liberty, individualism, and pay oral homage to democracy while attempting to fill their endless chasm of greed by stealing from the commons of We The People.

Corporations lust, no starve, for power and money while surreptitiously attempting to evade laws/taxation. The foundation to their ability to make money is in-explicitly tied to their ability to segregate We The People from our government and thereby insert a permanent era of Fascism. Corporations today have no loyalty to the public good; they are fascist and we may be their puppets.

This is Fascism and its real presence in America. American fascism is not Obama, it is the underpinnings of corporate favor and those that propagandize, insulate, and act out fascism while disguising it as “LIBERTY’! Now you have a definition of “fascism”, America. It is now time to WAKE THE “FRACK’ UP!!

  1. Joe
    June 5, 2013 at 7:57 pm

    I loved the blog about Fascism and the Palin picture was great. I was not sure what fascism was exactly until I read your blog Gas, nice man very nice

    I may have to hook some other people up on your work.

    • June 12, 2013 at 8:04 pm

      Thanks for comment and the picture was not from me; it was from NY Nerd. Spread the word Harper.

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