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There They GO(p) Again….The House!

Note to Mr. Boehner (pronounced Boner with a very weak “r”), you know the Speaker of the People’s House of Representatives, Americans on either side of the political fence love this thing called transparency. Maybe you’ve heard of it Mr.Boner??.

Transparency is when you allow us, lower-leveled Americans, to see all the happenings in the House of Representatives especially things like how much you, our representatives, are being legally bribed! You know “lobbyied”! I know that bribery is an ugly word and that you would much more prefer that we call it “lobbying”, but legalized bribery is more accurate. Ask anyone who is not a politician!

America is not happy that it is currently legal to take our elected officials out to dinner, movies, vacations, and all other forms of monetary influence-rs. If that was not bad enough,  now you won’t even make it transparent as to who is doing the bribing and how much. This does not seem to reflect a transparent House of Representatives that you promised.

The National Journal reported that members of the House were not longer required to disclose lobbyist funded trips. These trips used to be part of their financial documents but thanks to a very quietly passed change to the House rules, House members won’t be required to add these trips to their financial disclosure forms.

Given that Congress took almost 2,000 briber-paid-for trips in 2013 alone, one would think that this is a thing that Americans should be privy to, but I guess you don’t agree.

In a practically un-announced fashion, the House Ethics Committee (they really should drop the ethics part of their name) changed the rules that used to require such transparency. Thanks a lot House Republicans, America really needed this shift from disclosure to discrete bribery.

I won’t hold my breath waiting on the corporate media to bring this to the attention of Americans because they just have to many celebrity news (ear candy) to keep us abreast of. Boehner, please put down the glass of Merlot and let us Americans at least see who you work for.

I’m sure Boehner’s reply would be “I don’t know about a transparency (slurpee). How about a glass of merlot?”

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