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The House Armed Services Committee just

The House Armed Services Committee just authorized raising the Pentagon budget to $716 billion which is nearly 70 percent of the discretionary federal budget. Watch the money go boom!

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Here today, I am making a a compelling a

Here today, I am making a a compelling argument that my Madi suffers from a mild case of Dysania (inability to get up in the morning). Susan now you understand.

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Great catch by Deadspin, but these journ

Great catch by Deadspin, but these journalists bots are just mirroring what Fake(Fox)News has been perpetrating on their viewers for years. Discern fact from fiction America…it not that hard to do!

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Mankind should be ashamed at this blatan

Mankind should be ashamed at this blatant lack of humanity. Man is the stupidest and least moral animal on the planet. Truly sad!

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Mass Incarceration from Hank Vlog…..I

Mass Incarceration from Hank Vlog…..I agree with him and recommend reading “The New Jim Crow” and reform!

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