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My Reply to Cornel West’s Critiques of Obama

Cornel West’s 8 Most Eye-Opening Critiques of Barack Obama’s Presidency

In his new book, West blasts the president for failing African-Americans and the poor. Link to article HERE
I think that West’s critique has some merit but it does a great disservice to his followers by leaving out the underlying conditions that make this the reality. It serves as a continuing trend in America of looking at the surface and basing opinion on that alone. American is far deeper than the ugly veneer that is apparent on the surface. I have and continue to respect Brother West for his knowledge and insight in most cases, but based on these quoted remarks I do have to express a departure with him.

On his first point, African-Americans as well as all minorities and poor typically do worse under national economic crises. As witnessed throughout American history; look at 1920, 1880, 1800 and so on. With the Second Republican Great Depression in 2008 came a disproportionate oppression of minorities, middle class, working class, and working poor. This complete decimation of the American economy  lead to a widening of the divide between those that have and those struggling to obtain (in spite of a system that pushed all economic gains to the top 5% Obama has made strides, although not as much as American needs).

On his second point, leadership in the African-American community has weakened due to lack of participation in the voting process other than presidential election. Bring up the percentage of actual minority voters and leadership void will be filled by those supported by the increased voting numbers.

On his third point, he need look no further than the adoption of Reaganomics in 1982 until now and the lack of populist legislation to reverse the devolution of Trickle-On-economics. A single president does not have the power to do this alone; he needs Congress. The decrease in the upward mobility numbers have been evidenced over the years till now after the Reagan Revolution (against the middle class).  I utterly agree with West that the upward mobility problem in America is vast and almost insurmountable, but it is not the result of the Obama presidency. I would add that if President Obama had acted more quickly and aggressively he could have done more to quell this depression. The truth is that this trend has continued due to an opposition party that have governed (loosely used when referring to Republicons) in a manner that is treasonous and at the very least “seditious”!

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Behind the Unemployment numbers; for real!

Ronald Wilson Reagan was the 40th President of the United States (1981-89)

40th President of the United States (1981-89)

Barack Hussein Obama II: the 44th and current President of the United States

44th and current President of the United States

I have been listening to the pundits talk about the unemployment numbers of Obama and their possible effect on his potential re-election without pointing out that these numbers were made possible after 8 years of Republicon rule. I found it amazing that pundits and Republicons constantly yammer out about the numbers being horrible and that this is why he will not get re-elected.

I think that it is fair to take a look at Obama’s situation and progress in comparison to the president (Ronald Reagan) that is held in high esteem by conservatives (loosely used) everywhere.

Reagan was elected in 1981 and was up for re-election in 1984. President Obama elected in 2009, and is up for re-election this year. Unemployment throughout 1981 may be attributed to the policies of Reagan’s predecessor, Carter. The unemployment throughout 2009 may be attributed to Obama predecessor, Bush. With that fact established, we can look at what they did after they survived their predecessor’s last budget year. I will only include the last 3 years of Obama’s and Reagan’s first term. I neglected to note that federal budgets end every October of the following year, so every president is stuck with the previous president’s budget for their first year (Civics son!).

I hear Republicon pundits argue that Reagan had the highest unemployment rate of any president seeking re-election which was at 7.2%. Pundits insist that unemployment under President Obama exceeds Reagan’s unemployment rate, and puts a damper on a possible second term for Obama. Now let’s take a look at the numbers in order to get a true gauge of what they had to work with and how they performed overall. Now I will admit that these are just raw numbers that do not do true justice to the given situations, but they are something to work with. Read more…

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