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Military Spending Much?!?

Look at the peaks; the first peak is the Korean War, the second one is the Vietnam War, the third one demostrates the peak of the Cold War (forgive the Wikipedia link) and the final blue peak is the result of our collective national fear after 9/11.

The Iraq and Afghanistan wars are the red peak, now this is not on top of the other military spending; it stands on its own. I would also point out that military spending never goes down despite the state of war our nation is in. Peace or war, it does not matter; war spending goes up. I have taken into consideration the advancements in war technology and even with that consideration; we spend more on legalized death machines and war-like interactions (I refrain from calling them wars seeing that we have not officially declared war since WWII, but that is a topic for another blog) than any other nation. Read more…

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