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Mitt Loves Him Some Socialized Medicine

MItt Romney lavished praise on the Israeli health care system which controls costs while maintaining high quality by the means of strict government regulations and cost controls. It appears that oh Millard has no idea that Israel is running and loving a single-payer system or he secretly lives it.

Israel’s healthcare has distinct advantage over America’s Medicare, it sets a budget per capital which should be a “no no” for any empty suit that wants to represent the GOP. The nonprofit plan is the envy of anyone that considers themselves a liberal and here is Mittens praising their system. Now how do “so-called” conservatives square this away. Well they have no choice seeing that he is their nominee. Sad KungFu for them, indeed.

It must really hurt to have the father of “Obama Care” as the representative of the conservative party. On a different topic, the GOP should have the word conservative stripped from them seeing that if they were conservatives they would support a Universal Healthcare System. But no, they denounce it as socialism. Republicons are as wrong now as they were when they denounced Medicare back in the day. Read more…

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